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Dominion II

Dominion II

For all of recent history the human race has exerted control over animals for their own benefit. Over time we have gradually come to realise that we also have a responsibility, not only to those creatures under our control but to all of those that we share this planet with. 

This series, entitled ‘Dominion II’, seeks to consider multiple facets of our relationship with animals and in a wider context, with each other. This series of taxidermy ‘Bird Portraits’ contemplates the ways in which we foist our desires onto others. 

Without an understanding of how the world is perceived from alternative points of view, are we destined to continue imposing our own blinkered ideas and ideals on both nature and others outside of our field of familiarity?

26 Questions is a small series considering the risk factors around domestic violence. Having been involved in research in the field Ian considers pictorial representations of some of the 26 Questions often used to assess the risk to victims of further or escalating violence within a relationship.


Ian intends to expand the project to portray more of the issues in a similarly disquieting fashion.


The photos are intended to highlight the difficult issues faced by abuse victims on a daily basis with a view to giving the matter a voice.

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26 Questions

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The Peacemaker's Arms

The beautiful lines and iconic nature of war machinery guarantees that it maintains a reverence within society. Whilst in no way diminishing the momentous roll it played in our history Ian seeks to also consider the ugliness inherent in its make up, not only in its physicality but also in the purpose of its design - a design that was, essentially, to kill other people.


This series seeks to honour the human casualties of war - a reminder of what a truly ugly business it is.  

Consideration of a Roman wall, still standing after nearly 2000 years, prompted Ian to consider the contrast of permanence and mutability in our surroundings and within our society.

So many factors evolve in our society but it is often acknowledged that very little changes. With the Roman wall at the core of the images Ian attempts to capture some of the enduring non-changes - decay and repair, improvements that resemble the past, our desire to build our battlements higher and the constant ebb and flow of life.  

Made within the lockdown the obvious question would be whether history will also take this momentous time in its stride.


Walking Through Walls

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Forest of Nononymity

The choice to be anonymous in our society has more or less ceased to be an option. The vast majority of the populations movements can be traced from their mobile devices. Your data can be sold to assist advertisers or used to maintain and improve the position of the company collecting it.


In creating the series 'Forest of Nononymity' Ian seeks to remind us of the freedoms we are giving up in order to enjoy the benefits of connectivity.


Highlighting the proliferation of telecommunication masts (often disguised or concealed) the images remind us that we fail to see that which has become so common place to us. Designed to be presented in a gallery format that parodies the social media that drives so much of our internet traffic the series consists of 12 images. Presented here are also a few further images that might be used to supplement the project if it were to be realised as a photo-book.

Lockdown took away many of the most fundamental of freedoms from us. 

Whilst working under the same restrictions Ian sought to make a series of images that reflected one of the hardest matters that society had to deal with, that of not being able to see loved ones.

Ian created a number of portraits amongst a diverse selection of people asking each to imagine that they were hugging one of the relatives or friends that they longed to be able to embrace. The empty arms of those in an embrace stood to remind us of the importance of physical contact.




Archive Images

Whilst Ian is happiest when producing photographic series there is always an opportunity to snap images that do not fit into one of the ongoing projects.

Here you can find a selection of images not found within any of Ian's other work . Check back occasionally to see any new additions .

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