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Forest of Nononymity

The choice to be anonymous in our society has more or less ceased to be an option. The vast majority of the populations movements can be traced from their mobile devices. Your data can be sold to assist advertisers or used to maintain and improve the position of the company collecting it.


In creating the series 'Forest of Nononymity' Ian seeks to remind us of the freedoms we are giving up in order to enjoy the benefits of connectivity.


Highlighting the proliferation of telecommunication masts (often disguised or concealed) the images remind us that we fail to see that which has become so common place to us. Designed to be presented in a gallery format that parodies the social media that drives so much of our internet traffic the series consists of 12 images. Presented here are also a few further images that might be used to supplement the project if it were to be realised as a photo-book.

© All Images Copyright of Ian Kemp 2023

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