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Dominion II

Dominion II


For all of recent history the human race has exerted control over animals for their own benefit. Over time we have gradually come to realise that we also have a responsibility, not only to those creatures under our control but to all of those that we share this planet with. 

This series, entitled ‘Dominion II’, seeks to consider multiple facets of our relationship with animals and in a wider context, with each other. This series of taxidermy ‘Bird Portraits’ contemplates the ways in which we foist our desires onto others. 

Without an understanding of how the world is perceived from alternative points of view, are we destined to continue imposing our own blinkered ideas and ideals on both nature and others outside of our field of familiarity?


List of works (from top left);


Anhinga melanogaster - Oriental Darter; 

Botaurus stellaris - Eurasian Bittern;

Numida meleagris - Helmeted Guinea Fowl;

Morus bassanus - Northern Gannet;

Psittacula Kramer - Rose-Ringed Parakeet;

Corvus typicus - Piping Crow;

Geronticus eremita - Northern Bald Ibis;

Eudocimus ruber - Scarlet Ibis;

Tyto alba - Barn Owl;

Himantopus himantopus - Black Winged Stilt.

Euplectes orix - Red Bishop;

Ramphastos dicolorus - Green Billed Toucan;

© All Images Copyright of Ian Kemp 2023

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